Unlocking Nature’s

Revolutionizing Disease Management in Agriculture and Aquaculture through Cutting-Edge Biotechnology Solutions

Through cutting-edge bioinformatics, precision fermentation-based methods and proprietary biofactories, we design and deliver clean, sustainable, and effective solutions that meet the increasing demand for a healthier future.

At Teora, we harness the power of nature to revolutionize the way we manufacture health and disease control compounds and peptides

Teora's mission is to lead the industry in providing clean, sustainable, and effective solutions for health and disease control compounds and peptides.

We envision a future where the increasing demand for these products is met through nature-inspired, precision fermentation-based manufacturing methods. By leveraging nature's biofactories and biomanufacturing techniques, TeOra aims to design and deliver innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability and harness the power of natural resources. We are dedicated to creating a healthier future by unlocking nature's potential and revolutionizing food production.

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Teora serves diverse industries with innovative solutions. Our precision fermentation-based ingredients and proprietary biofactories benefit aquaculture, proteins and peptides in animal/plant-based products, nutraceuticals and botanicals, growth factors, and cosmetic ingredients. With our commitment to clean and sustainable manufacturing, we drive positive change for a healthier, more sustainable future.

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Your source for the latest insights, news, case studies, and success stories. We believe in sharing valuable knowledge and experiences to foster growth and innovation in the fields we serve. Stay up-to-date with our informative blogs, where our experts delve into industry trends, cutting-edge research, and advancements in biomanufacturing. Explore our curated news section to discover the latest developments and breakthroughs in health, sustainability, and bioengineering.

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Shrimp farming is a highly profitable business in Asia, but it is susceptible to diseases that can significantly impact production and profitability. Therefore, timely and accurate diagnosis of shrimp diseases is crucial for the success of this business.




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Frequently asked questions

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What is Teora and what do you do?

TeOra is a biotechnology company that is revolutionizing food production by eliminating harmful chemicals like pesticides and antibiotics. We design and develop next-generation solutions to prevent and manage diseases in plants and animals using cutting-edge advances in synthetic biology, precision fermentation, pharmaceutical technology, and material science.

What industries does Teora serve?

Our first focus is aquaculture, the fastest growing and healthiest food production sector. We are not stopping there. Beyond the beachhead market of aquaculture, we aim to extend TeOra's technology platform to design solutions that can prevent and manage viral, bacterial, and pest infections in agricultural crops and veterinary animals as well.

What are the benefits of using Teora's precision fermentation-based ingredients in disease management?

Precision fermentation is a process of using microorganisms to produce desired products, such as proteins, enzymes, and other biomolecules, in a controlled environment. This process can be used to produce ingredients that are used in a variety of products, including food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. There are several benefits to using precision fermentation-based ingredients for disease management from a sustainability point of view. First, precision fermentation can be used to produce ingredients that are more sustainable than traditional methods. For example, precision fermentation can be used to produce proteins that are used in animal feed, which can help to reduce the need for land and water resources. Additionally, precision fermentation can be used to produce ingredients that are more environment friendly. For example, precision fermentation can be used to produce insulin without the need for animals, which can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How do Teora's products contribute to health and disease control?

One of the key ingredients in our functional feed is a proprietary blend of immune-supporting nutrients that help to boost the shrimp's natural defenses against disease-causing pathogens. This includes antioxidants, probiotics, and other essential nutrients that support the health and wellbeing of the shrimp.

How does Teora's functional feed help prevent viral diseases in shrimps?

Our functional feed is specifically formulated to stimulate shrimp's nonspecific immune function, which helps to enhance the animal's overall non-specific immunity. This increased immunity can help to reduce the chance of viral disease infection, and has been shown to have apparent effects on the prevention of shrimp diseases.

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