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Research and development (R&D) lies at the heart of TeOra's culture of innovation. We prioritize understanding our customers' pain points, empathetically listening to their needs, and internalizing their challenges. With a multidisciplinary team of experts in bioinformatics, molecular biology, strain engineering, production, and regulatory affairs, we embark on a journey to develop groundbreaking solutions.

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At the forefront of our R&D efforts is the SOLAQ platform, our cutting-edge proprietary technology. This platform serves as a versatile tool for designing biologics to address various use-cases. By targeting specific diseases, we input the necessary information into the platform, triggering a sophisticated bioinformatics discovery engine. Multiple epitope prediction models are employed to design novel peptides that hold the potential to combat pathogens effectively. Moreover, our platform allows for the creation of multi-peptides, incorporating epitopes from different antigens, thereby broadening the immune coverage and enhancing efficacy.


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Precision Design, Microfluidics Optimization, Proprietary Encapsulation, and Sustainable Scaling for Compound and Peptide Development.


Our process begins with the design phase, where we utilize bioinformatics to design the ideal compound or peptide. Using our expertise, we custom design single and complex multi-gene blueprints to meet specific requirements.


In this fascinating stage, we take the key creation and selection processes and miniaturize them onto our proprietary microfluidics platform. This innovative approach allows us to replicate full-scale lab processes more efficiently, all on a platform that is no larger than the length of your pinkie.


We insert the top designs into biofactories, which consist of microorganisms specifically engineered for production.


We carefully select the highest performing microorganism that optimally expresses the target compound or peptide.


Our final step sets us apart from the rest. We employ our proprietary encapsulation technology to the purified output. This encapsulation process optimizes the product for effective delivery and bioavailability across a wide range of applications. In other words, we ensure that the product is perfectly wrapped for maximum effect.


Only the single BEST microorganism is selected for further scaling up. This chosen microorganism is propagated and consumes sustainable raw materials, such as sugar, water, and nutrients, in a bioreactor. This process allows us to produce larger volumes of the target compound or peptide.


By miniaturizing processes onto our proprietary microfluidics platform, we achieve exceptional efficiency compared to other existing technologies. In fact, our approach is up to 100 times more efficient. This means we can produce compounds and peptides more effectively, while ensuring sustainability remains a core principle of our operations.

Teora's refined process ensures precision, efficiency, and sustainability throughout the development and production of compounds and peptides.


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